About the artist

John Boss is an architect, photographer and above all an artist from Vienna, Austria. At a young age he discovered the possibilities of image editing and 3D programs. He was able to transform his fantasy into pictures. His creative ideas and illustrations also helped him as an architect and designer, where he won many awards. 

John Boss greatest inspiration is travelling around the world. "...that enable new perspectives on things that are often commonplace." 

His creative work aren't only beautiful pictures, they should make the viewers think. "Today we consume so many pictures in one day like never before in history. Those pictures rarely remind us that our world can be more than what we see, a playground of our imagination."

For John Boss the pictures in your apartment or office can make the difference. You look at them every day and they should show you that there is more out there than what you are used to see, to open up your mind to more creativity. "The imagination of your world can be real!" 

You can find out more about the artist on www.johnboss.at